Successfully moving an individual or family into their new home is personally fulfilling and the ultimate achievement for me as a highly trained and experienced BUYER’S AGENT. Serving The Woodlands for over a decade I have experienced the ups and downs of each transaction with my trusting and loyal buyer clients. These folks recognized that the journey to home ownership, whether as a first time home buyer or veteran, comes with many surprises and bumps in the road. Our collective real estate partnering has brought many smiles and happy faces to the closing table. I am blessed with hundreds of great friends whom I first met on the trail to home ownership.

A rewarding experience comes first with the knowledge that a real estate purchase has many integral parts that must flow together in harmony to avoid a major pitfall or disaster during the purchase, construction or closing of your ‘Dream’ home and each day I put my corporate training and project management skills to work for my valued clients ensuring a smooth road to follow.

As a qualified Buyer’s Agent with over $150,000,000 in transactional real estate experience I want to share the categories of information that an informed buyer may choose to evaluate before and during their home-buying experience:


  • National Trends and Reports on Residential Real Estate in the United States
  • Local Research and Real Estate Reports for your ‘Preferred’ Communities
  • Evaluation and Selection of a Professional Buyer’s Agent (Advantages/Benefits)
  • Proper Evaluation and Search for Your Future Home(MLS)
  • Researching Lender and Mortgage Banker options today
  • Accurate information on current State of California Contracts, required Disclosures and Notices to protect the consumer.
  • Monterey County Association of Realtors as a partner in protecting you the Consumer
  • Important Elements to Home Construction and Inspection Reports(MCAR)
  • Legal Advice and Counsel available to all purchasers of Real Estate
  • 10 Tips to Success in Purchasing a home


If I may be of any further assistance to you please feel free to contact me with the following information and I would be happy to provide a ‘complimentary’ consultation and visit to discuss your future home purchase.

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