Selecting the correct real estate property for investment purposes is tantamount to my mission statement for investors. My past and current investor clients know that I will go to exhaustive lengths in my search (investment analysis) for the right property(s) to ensure that we hit your investment goal(s). I encourage the right blend of supporting data and property visits to provide a usable template for success beginning with the first investment which builds confidence in creating a long-term real estate investment portfolio.

Whether you are venturing into real estate for your first investment property or complementing an existing portfolio with another ‘successful’ acquisition I will prepare a thorough analysis of your objectives and goals by offering a fresh, new perspective to a ‘tried and true’ process.  Our initial meetings will focus on:

  • Review of past and current acquisitions
  • Analysis of overall rate of return to current portfolio
  • Benchmark future acquisition requirements
  • Set overview for cash flow and investment profitability
  • Integrate analysis of cost-saving real estate services by Michael Zabrycki
  • Finalize a ‘Full Life’ value and rate of return for each confirmed acquisition
  • Begin the Search
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