I have been offering Investors dependable guidance and Reporting Tools for over a decade concentrating on the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas. Many investors have approached me over the years wanting to find value and fair returns for their hard earned savings and it has been my goal to exceed their expectation not only in personal real estate service and asset guidance but with numerically sound figures and data that support my opinion that our community(and surrounding areas) is not only a great place to live but to invest in as well.

If you contact me for a discussion on real estate investments you will be encouraged to draw upon my decade of closed real estate investment transactions to ensure your investment goals as I begin generating reports and supporting documentation that will function not only as benchmarks for current and potential future value, but for cash-flow analysis and dependable rate of return valuations.


My investors have earned marked returns these many years by benefiting from my hands on approach to servicing not only the transaction but indirectly providing property management assistance and cost effective(savings) solutions to you the investor on the future sale of the asset.

Which leads us to the most important aspect of real estate investment: the selection process.

Selecting the correct real estate property for investment purposes is tantamount to my mission statement for investors. My past and current investor clients know that I will go to exhaustive lengths in my search(investment analysis) for the right property(s) to ensure that we hit your investment goal(s). I encourage the right blend of supporting data and property visits to provide a usable template for success beginning with the first investment which builds confidence in creating a long-term real estate investment portfolio.


Whether you are venturing into real estate for your first investment property or complementing an existing portfolio with another ‘successful’ acquisition I will prepare a thorough analysis of your objectives and goals by offering a fresh, new perspective to a ‘tried and true’ process.

Our initial meetings will focus on :


  • Review of past and current acquisitions
  • Analysis of overall rate of return to current portfolio
  • Benchmark future acquisition requirements
  • Set overview for cash flow and investment profitability
  • Integrate analysis of cost-saving real estate services by Michael Zabrycki
  • Finalize a ‘Full Life’ value and rate of return for each confirmed acquisition
  • Begin the Search…
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