The leasing of real estate requires significant experience in real estate rules and regulations, transactional approaches, people management and hard, hard work. For this reason I have limited my leasing service primarily to investors and existing and past clients with a general focus on investment property.

I have been involved in nearly 200 lease contracts during my tenure and have learned many valuable lessons that I am happy to share over a long cup of coffee but suffice to say that as a landlord or seller you truly want the maximum in patience and knowledge level when selecting real estate agent. Anything less than that could prove disastrous when any item or detail runs afoul.

My professional leasing services include the following:

  • Professional Marketing of the Property
  • Tenant Application Screening and Qualification Services
  • Contract Management(Life of the Lease)
  • Re-letting of a lease property
  • Passive ‘Property Management’ Services
  • Broker’s Market Analysis for Lease Rates(Future Sales Price)
  • Maintain Strong Landlord/Tenant /Agent Relationship