There is a general concern if not fear amongst many real estate agents to offer any real detail work or assistance outside of showing homes for fear of legal repercussions and cost.

However, my business philosophy of going above and beyond has never allowed me to hide such an invaluable and necessary resource. So, when called upon to draw from my corporate experience in overseeing commercial project work I willingly take the stress and burdens that so often shut down a good real estate transaction whether it be in the repair of listed home, the construction from dirt of a new home or the service work to a purchased home.

In all aspects of real estate willingly offer a project management approach to service so that my buyers and sellers can feel confident that someone besides themselves is willing to oversee the details of a project. I do not charge for this benefiStaging Services

There is an old adage in life that should be so meaningful to an eager seller that they not only heed these words but embrace it like a long lost child back from a winter storm.

“TIMING IS EVERTHING” and to that end a seller must be ultra-sensitive to every aspect of their home prior to placing it on the market for sale. And respect to this adage requires careful advice and opinion from only the wisest of real estate professionals so that your castle fetches it’s real value and not a discount due to ‘bad ‘ perception.

For this reason I have provided complimentary ‘staging’ services throughout my real estate career and want to emphasize that my consulting work will prepare your home both inside and outside to ensure the best appearance and impression for those who will most adore(purchase) your home.

If you request my services I will provide you extensive information and dialogue on the following topics:

  • Turning Your Home back into a ‘HOUSE’
  • First Impressions are ‘Forever’
  • Selling a House is a lot like courtship (lots of emotion)
  • Negotiating and Closing ain’t always pretty!
  • Protecting your NEST EGG…Market Value vs. Appraised Value
  • Flying solo or flying blind…a different view!!
  • A Team you can trust….
  • The Real Equity
  • Safe passage means “KNOW YOUR STEPS”
  • Bumps and Bruises are Okay…Just Don’t Crash

Those trusting souls who have heard my opinion and advice have most often benefitted handsomely and avoided the expensive pitfalls of lost sales and lost equity. I only offer proven methods and look forward to the privilege to serve you in the same safe and secure manner as the hundreds of satisfied clients before you.

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